Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a Blogger game... Creative Chaos


Mary Beth at tagged me in a comment and introduced me to a blogging game of Tag!

I checked out her site and blog and apparently, now I am supposed to go Tag 7 other blogs, list them and write some random, strange facts about me down here.
So here goes;

1. I'm ALWAYS going to find something more interesting to do than clean up my chaos. The only way I do housecleaning is if I can "trick" myself into it!
2. I'll always name my pets after food items. Evidence? Our two cats named "Bean" and "Licorice".
3. I know for a fact that our cats merely tolerate us for food, litter changing and "skritchies", so I occasionally humiliate them by taking silly photos of them when they're trying to sleep.
4. My favourite song right now is "The Highwayman", sung by Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.
5. I still occasionally "squee" at the sight of Orlando Bloom with his shirt off, although the fascination is fading...
6. Sometimes I have uncontrollable urges to colour my hair. I've been holding off for over a year and a half resolve is starting to flake at the edges.
7. I'm really really good at procrastinating about house-cleaning!

Blogs I tagged:

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Malady said...

I wish I had time to play tag, but my kid just woke up and is demanding that I submit.

But let me tell you this: Give in to your urge to color your hair! It is so fun. My hair has been blonde, brown, red and peacock blue. : )