Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot Glass: 1st Goddess Beads

Baby Got "Back"!
I've been seeing many variations on Goddess beads around the lampwork forum where I hang out (lampworketc.com) but wasn't quite bold enough to try one out. That changed last week.

I decided that my "skillz" were coming along enough to give it a try.

I'm still quite the newbie, but I was pleased with how they turned out. They're rather addictive ~ I'm going to do some more in this design and then try out some other goddess forms, from the "willendorf" style, to pregnant, to super primitive etc, and run with it! I see these types of beads as a female empowerment statement!

Going from L to R, Top to Bottom: 1) Dark Turquoise 2) Dark Ivory, w. #1 raku frit and 32g fine silver wire 3) Trans. Lt. Amber, aventurine stringer 4) Fossil, 24g fine silver wire.

This was my first opportunity playing with the silver wire. I like the effect, but whoo! does it get away from you! I expect to be making lots of beads with the silver before I get the hang of it...

The owner of a boutique around the corner from me ("Angels and Avalon") is very interested in my Artglass Goddess Beads, so I'm looking forward to working out a deal for her to sell them in her store! More news to come on that front as it develops...

(By the way, I'm going to be heading out to go camping for two weeks this friday, with approximately "12,000 of my closest medieval friends" so look for my posts after I get back if I don't post anything before I go!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eye-Bead Tutorial

Well, I not only won 2nd place beginner for my blue protective eye bead in the "Artistry in Glass" summer contest, (yum, more glass supplies! I've ordered them already!) http://artistryinglass.on.ca/newsletter/contestwinners.html but I got the tutorial made up for it today too! I'm glad that my "dotting" and "raking" lampwork skills are progressing nicely.
Now I just have to keep from going bonkers because I didn't get to make any glass beads this week!
Oh well, at least I have some new supplies from AiG to look forward to, and I got the fine silver wire that I ordered in the mail this week too... My next "Hot Glass" posting should be really interesting!
(Okay, back to procrastinating about getting my garb sewing done for my impending medieval camping trip!)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Hot Glass: 8th Session

Usually I mention which glass that I used in each bead because these photo collages are for my lampworking notebook. I decided to put the notes in the book this time as I didn't think I had enough space on the photo page!

The jelly beans are for my "Eye-Candy" exchange in the Lampwork Etc. forum and they're inspired by the delicous "Jelly Belly" tm beans ~ my favourite candy!

I've been working on getting a bunch of "Norse style" beads done to Trade at Pennsic 37, this big Medieval camping Event that I'm going to.
I'm trying to base the designs and colours on actual beads that were dug up in archeological finds, but I forgot the pic yesterday so I had to "guestimate"(I know, the bubble dot bead isn't norse...it's just pretty! Every so often I try out a bubble bead. I'll probably focus on them more when I get better control of my dots).

...I've been working on variations on eye beads. I made up two dragon eye beads but one of them broke in the vermiculite. I think I was looking at it too long before I put it away! I'm going to try and re-create the design in my next session because I liked how it was looking!

D'oh! I thought that the flower turned out only "Ok" and I think I'll put flowers on the back-burner for now. I'm having a lot more fun with the eye beads!

The hollow heart was supposed to be a round hollow bead. I started out using med. amber stringer, but I didn't realize it would take more than one rod, so I didn't have one on hand to finish it with. I tried to finish it with the same colour rod. Note to self: Don't do that! It looks like it needs to be the same thickness all over! A good learning experience though... and I like the colour. That's the same tone of actual fossilized amber that I adore!