Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hot Glass: 9th, 10th and 11th Sessions

Yes, it's time to catch up on the glassy goodness! I've had a few sessions before and after Pennsic so here's some pics of what I did (in order of newest to oldest). Not much in the way of notes on what glass I used. I'm starting to get familiar with what is what. I think that the most important thing is to get the images of the beads recorded. Wow! I was soooo "rusty" after a few weeks of no lampworking! Feeling like I'm back in the swing now and looking forward to what comes next. I'm particularly pleased with the Goddess beads. I've got a store that is interested in carrying them for sale. Now I just have to arrange to get them annealed and I'll be all set!

Pennsic 37 Painting

America is indeed a litigeous society and as such, I did not facepaint/bodypaint at Pennsic 37 as I had hoped to...

Turns out that even buskers have to have liability insurance for this Event now and I was not prepared for that this year.

As a result I only did one painting at Pennsic 37 and that was for a new friend who was attending the Blue Feather Ball. I'm glad that I was able to help her out, as I had just slipped and fell in the mud that same day and gotten a "royal" bruise on my knee and pulled my groin badly.

This painting was done with Wolfe Bros. makeup so that it would "stick" a little better and defy any possible rain that night. By all reports afterwards, my friend had a lovely time and wowed many.

I had a great time at Pennsic getting to know old friends better and making some wonderful new friends. I'm really looking forward to next year! I think that the Journal my husband asked me to keep for him so that he could enjoy the Event vicariously was a success and I managed to meet at least one person from every kingdom in the Known World of the SCA. I think he's going to want to attend for most of two weeks next year. Pennsic 38, here we come!