Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hot Glass: 15th Session

Hot Glass: 15th Session
Ho ho ho...'tis the season to make bead to exchange with other enthusiasts before we all get too busy with the actual seasonal rush!

I played around with ivory and it's reactant qualities as well as attempted to sculpt some xmas beads. My first attempt at using a stringer to twist a swirl into a bead! Neat! I'm going to play with that some more! Now if I could just get organized enough to get these exchange beads into the mail I'd be doing really well!

Who's up for a cookie exchange!?! I'm making a list...


Naomi Miller said...

Aaaaah! Demon Snowman!

MizMerryMac said...


Mary Beth said...

You're beads are coming along nicely!

By the way. . . TAG! You're it!

Mary Beth

MizMerryMac said...

Oh HO! a challenge, eh? *scurries off to check out Mary Beth's site...*