Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ghoul's Night Out

Kay & Mary with Michelle Rowen

Last week, my friend Kay and I went out to the "Ghoul's Night Out" author reading at our local public library.

We had a wonderful time listening to Kelley Armstrong, Michelle Rowen, and Eve Silver read exerpts from their books and answer questions.
The staff at the St.Thomas Public Library did a wonderful job organizing everything from the advertising and decorations to the refreshments. We were just a bit disappointed at the way the costume contest turned out.

When the authors finished answering questions, they reminded the staff about the costume contest and I believe the response was something like: "Oh, let's pass this one off to (add name here, 'cos I forgot it) who's handling that" and then that person said "The winner is Sweeney Todd!"

What?!? When the heck was the judging? as we walked in?!? (Correction; as I quickly breezed in the door, making a beeline for the front row center like the book-geek that I am?) Kay and I both sewed our costumes, but as far as I could see, nobody checked workmanship. (boy, doesn't that sound whiney? I think I've entered too many convention costume contests...)
Sheesh. Oh well, I "won" the book that Michelle read from by asking a question -- and then I spent every penny that I had in my purse buying a copy of Kelley's newest book and the first one of Eve's.

Kelley Armstrong's new YA book :"The Summoning", was really good and I am impatient to read the next in the series. I just finished reading "Bitten & Smitten" by Michelle Rowen and I think that I've found a kindred spirit in Michelle and look forward to reading more of her books...I love a sense of humour mixed into writing.
I've just started Eve Silver's book: "Demon's Kiss". Much darker than the other author's books, but intreguing none-the-less.

Ghoul's Night Out: The Authors

...and hey, you learn something new every day! When I was resizing my pics from this Event, I learned about (and found) the red-eye button in my photoshop! Neat! No more glowing demon eyes now
...unless I add them.

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