Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a Blogger game... Creative Chaos


Mary Beth at tagged me in a comment and introduced me to a blogging game of Tag!

I checked out her site and blog and apparently, now I am supposed to go Tag 7 other blogs, list them and write some random, strange facts about me down here.
So here goes;

1. I'm ALWAYS going to find something more interesting to do than clean up my chaos. The only way I do housecleaning is if I can "trick" myself into it!
2. I'll always name my pets after food items. Evidence? Our two cats named "Bean" and "Licorice".
3. I know for a fact that our cats merely tolerate us for food, litter changing and "skritchies", so I occasionally humiliate them by taking silly photos of them when they're trying to sleep.
4. My favourite song right now is "The Highwayman", sung by Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.
5. I still occasionally "squee" at the sight of Orlando Bloom with his shirt off, although the fascination is fading...
6. Sometimes I have uncontrollable urges to colour my hair. I've been holding off for over a year and a half resolve is starting to flake at the edges.
7. I'm really really good at procrastinating about house-cleaning!

Blogs I tagged:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hot Glass: 16th Session

Hot Glass: 16th Session
Let's set the bar higher...
Okay, now that I'm not doing too badly with creating earring pairs, let's see if I can make matched sets for Knitting Stich Markers!
(not as easy as it looks, but hopefully will be like catnip to knitting enthusiasts!)
I played around some more with the stringer swirly twists...I'll be exploring that technique much more before I move on to the next technique.

Why do I love thee so much oh hot glass?

Hot Glass: 15th Session

Hot Glass: 15th Session
Ho ho ho...'tis the season to make bead to exchange with other enthusiasts before we all get too busy with the actual seasonal rush!

I played around with ivory and it's reactant qualities as well as attempted to sculpt some xmas beads. My first attempt at using a stringer to twist a swirl into a bead! Neat! I'm going to play with that some more! Now if I could just get organized enough to get these exchange beads into the mail I'd be doing really well!

Who's up for a cookie exchange!?! I'm making a list...

Hot Glass: 14th Session

Hot Glass: 14th Session "The Grape Escape"...
First time that I've worked in pretty much the ONE colour in a lampworking session. I can see the appeal.
You can see that I couldn't resist a little red as I was finishing up though. (*grin*)
I'm simply going to have to figure out some kind of closer by studio where I can lampwork in all weather conditions. That's all there is to it! Simple, eh? NOT!
Oh well, at least I can make as many pretty beads as possible before it gets too cold to work, and then I'll go back to my neat felted wool beadmaking and learning new stuff for graphic design and illustration.

If winter wasn't made for one to be some kind of couch potatoe, I don't know what season was!

Hot Glass: 13th Session

Hot Glass: 13th Session(Oooh! Lookit me, linking my pics to my Flickr account! Oooh!)
Okay, so here's my 13th session. I played a lot with making earring pairs and tried out a twisty on a Goddess. She's feisty looking! I pulled stringer with the iris orange and used it on some of the little beads and I tried raking some dots into a heart shape. Sort of successful...

Hot Glass: 12th Session

In my 12th session of Lampworking, I was concentrating on creating earring pairs and a few goddess beads. Those little gals are starting to come along nicely.

I also played around with some shards that were sent to me in the focal beads on the bottom. There was some unexpected (but still intreguing ) mysterious smokey blue colours that came out in the mostly amber coloured beads. I used Ivory glass as a base for them. It's such an interesting reactive glass and I'm slowly finding out all sorts of neat stuff that happens when you use different colours of glass on it.

I wish that I had more of the sparkle tangerine. The bead on the top right corner was made with a little shorty that someone gave me. I also want to buy at lease a pound of the new Effetre cool colour named "Kiwi". It is so lucious and juicy, I don't ever want to be without it in my kit!

Hot Glass and Nifty Knitting on Etsy!

I've gotten a bit behind in my weekly posting, so I'll have to catch up with my posting about my "Hot Glass" lampworking sessions #12-16!
In the mean time, here are some knitting stitch markers that I'm listing in my Etsy shop in time for the holiday gift-giving season...

It was really tricky trying to make matched sets of beads but as they say on the LWE forum, ppp/practice practice practice!

I'll be getting back into doing more with the felt beads as the weather cools off and I'm not able to use my garage studio when it gets too cold.

I'm hoping to have some of my Goddess beads up for sale in a local store soon... I just have to finish some of the production work on them!

It would be nice not to have to sell art, but I've got to pay for supplies and little things like rent and groceries somehow! Now's a good a time as any to thank the stars once more for my understanding hubby!