Friday, June 27, 2008

Hot Glass: 7th Session

Another productive day making beads! My bears are coming along nicely and I like the "Norse-style Trade Beads" that I got done as well...

I found the Opal-plum frit to be rather dark for my tastes, but I'm not ready to give up on it quite yet.

I've been "lurking" in the "Canadian Play it Forward Box" thread on the Lampwork Etc. chat forum since 5:30am when my cat woke me up wanting to be fed! That's a game that a group of us are playing where the first person to message the person who HAS the box gets it next. The box contains a variety of glass and supplies etc. You take what you want out of it and replace it's value with stuff that you have, then you send it on to the next person. The gal who has it right now is only 40 minutes away from me, so I'm acting like I'm hanging out, trying to get front-row concert tickets!

Here's crossing my fingers!

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