Monday, June 23, 2008

FacePaintings at 'Melee

Well, I've gotten behind in posting about my Creative efforts!

Here's one from a couple weekends ago.
My husband, Chris (the attractive fellow with the "woad wolf" at the bottom right) attended a medieval reinactment camping event for the SCA (society for creative anachronism) on the weekend of June 13/14/15, 2008, called "Murder Melee in the Meadow XXV"

Friday was pretty low key and we enjoyed the musical talents of Noni Crete and Eugene Rea in The Raven Tavern that night.

There was some rain on Friday night, but we didn't care since we were snug in musical heaven and looked forward to sleeping in a nice dry bunk rather than a tent.

Saturday dawned clear and sunny and I enjoyed the day nestled in the foyer of the cabin we were staying in (near the merchants) -- facepainting and playing my penny whistle. My husband (known in the SCA as "Olfus") played his mandolin and we worked on our songlist for a Saturday night performance in the Tavern ~ since sadly, Noni and Eugene were not able to return.

The performance went very well and we wandered off afterwards to enjoy some more singing and some burnt marshmallows with friends around their campfires, before heading back to our bunks for the night.

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