Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot Glass: 4th and 5th Sessions

More Flameworking to catch up on...
I'm managing to do some glass bead making about once a week. (possibly two sessions this week!) My technique is getting a little better, but I think that I will work at obtaining the bulk tank of Mapp Gas after all... An investment at the quoted $187.00
I'm not liking how the propane scums up the transparent glass when I'm trying to encase my beads. It's not too bad with the bright colours that I favour and I kind of like the "antique" effect that it gives to the beads for the norse-style beads that I'm creating.

I'm hoping to have some beads to trade while I'm at Pennsic ( a HUGE medieval camping Event that I'm attending this summer), and if I manage to get a Norse -style dress sewn for myself in time, I will wear my beads with it too!
I think that with all the bead-making I'm doing I won't have to worry about being so totally obsessed with making them while I'm away at Pennsic as I have in the past.
I'm hoping to get a bit of pewter casting done as well to have tokens to trade/give to other people that I meet while I'm there.


jodi said...

Beautiful. Love your #5s best so far, from both sessions. I wore the necklace you made me on the weekend and again forgot to get a good picture of it. Gramma loved it.

Where are you camping at Pennsic? And when are you arriving?

MizMerryMac said...

Thanks Jodi!
I'm hoping to do some more flameworking today (apparently that is a more "in vogue" term now for glass bead making than "Lampworking"...*shrug*)
I'll email you about Pennsic!