Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Photobucket Contest: Ghosts Caught on Film

I've been hosting photos on Photobucket for quite a while now (I haven't quite figured out Flickr yet... but I'm learning!) and they send out emails periodically to announce various changes and new goodies with their service.

Today in my email, I saw that they have a contest to promote a movie called "Shutter" (in theatres March 21 where they invited their users to submit their best Ghost photo.

I've had some pics that I took at my friend's wedding that just begged to be used to create a spooky "photoshop wonder"*.

In St.Thomas, we have this historic church which features "the witch's grave". There's this whole spooky story about a witch who was married to the minister and some such villany lead to her death, whereupon her white monument went pitch black overnight. She was supposed to be pregnant too, but I don't remember all the details now. All I know is that when my friend got married and this black cat was strolling around the grave-yard, right by this infamous grave, I had to snap a pic! This little guy was chasing the cat too, and boy! What they say about photographing children and animals it true! It's a real challenge!

Yup, it's a hackneyed, trite pic in the end, but it was fun putting it together.

(*"Photoshop Wonder": what I call the photos that I mess around with on photoshop... Man! I LOVE that program!)


Unknown said...

That is one creepy photoshopped picture, good thing it is not real!

MizMerryMac said...

*shudders* Aren't "evil" children the worst? (no offense to "good" children)
I'm sure that the black cat thought that kid was evil at the time -- the way he kept running away from grabby toddler hands...