Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gifts of the heart

Yes actually, I do love my mother-in-law...

This weekend we went and visited with my in-laws. One of my biggest "fans" is my mother-in-law, Maxine. She's been truly supportive throughout my 15 year relationship with her son and I found a kindred spirit in her when I married him. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

While we were there, I crafted a new necklace and earring set for Maxine, as sort of an early Mother's Day gift. ("Springtime Hope")

I was thinking of putting the felted bead pendant on a gold chain and asked her to see if she had one of an appropriate length.

Maxine pulled out her jewellery box and I was surprised to see that about 85-90% of her jewellery had been crafted by me over the years!

When I give jewellery that I've crafted to family and friends, and I see that they wear it and enjoy it, I tend to give them such gifts again. I think that my family and friends have the best collections of my artwork because I'd much rather give a gift that I've made than buy one.

It just seems more special that way...a gift of the heart.

Looking at those jewellery pieces, I realized that I hadn't documented them and decided to do that since I happened to have my camera with me.

The wall hanging was commissioned by Maxine a few years ago. She had decided to buy a new couch and chair, so she told me what sort of colour that she was going to get and then gave me free reign on the hanging.

I love crazy patch and have enjoyed quilting ever since I won the london embroiderer's guild bursary for a quilting workshop in 1990, when I was studying art at Beal.
I chose the fabric patterns and colours based on Maxine's decor and her country-folk style.

Maxine is now a retired elementary school teacher, and I'm certain that there are many adults out there whose lives were changed by spending time with this very special lady.
I know that my life has been changed in a very good way.

Thanks Maxine. I love you.


jodi said...

Aw. I can't imagine anyone not loving Maxine. I see she's still partial to owls, eh?

Beautiful work, Mary, and it's great to see it all together like this (most of these I've never seen, as sadly I don't get to see Maxine that often). I especially love the one with all the little green leaves. Perhaps because I've got a thrifted necklace of similar green leaves myself that I've been meaning to refashion into something nicer for a decade now, but in the lazy meantime just wear as is from time to time. Maybe I should lay out my bead stash and you can help me put together a good combination (the incentive being that I'm ready to unload a good portion of the rest of the stash on you, of course).

So, what are you doing for May Two Four? Coming to Windsor, right?

Jennifer said...

You are a very very lucky lady :) Most people complained of their in-laws. I'm glad you get along wiht them well :)

PS: Is it ok if you post articles on how you make the necklaces? They are AMAZING!!

MizMerryMac said...

Thanks Jennifer...I agree, I am fortunate.
I can't guarantee that I'll post info for every piece that you see here, but I am planning on creating and posting some tutorial pdfs.
Thanks Jodi,
I'll be happy to help you re-fashion some of your treasures. I actually have a funny little thing that I found for you at the Goodwill the other day...We sort of had other plans for that weekend, but I think I know which way Chris will vote. I'll let you know. We may need some crash-space.
C. is usually off on friday and saturday, & then back to work on Sunday.