Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beading Daily: Glass Design Challenge Win

Well, the news came out yesterday in the Beading Daily blog about my win as "Author's Choice" in the Glass Design Challenge!

I was thrilled to get the news, and was really interested to see the other winning designs!

Congrats to:
Earrings Category Winner ~ Marsha Melone
Bracelets Category Winner ~ Jennifer Judd and
Necklaces Category Winner ~ Samela Dorey

I have been truly enjoying my prizes of a copy of Stephanie Sersich's new book; "Designing Jewellery with Glass Beads", and the gorgeous glass starfish that she made.
I'm not quite sure what I'm going to create with it yet, but I think it will be neat to blend our styles in a necklace that I can wear.

I do pewter casting as well, so when I saw that she uses a custom tag to "sign" her designs (attached at the clasp), I put that idea on the back-burner of my brain to bubble away and come up with a little tag design for my own designs! I'll keep you updated on what I come up with.

There were some neat links to other contests as well that I'll be looking into entering, and I'm also working on some tutorials for Beading Daily that I hope you'll be able to buy soon.

I'll be doing Tutorials on:
1) Dry needle felting a wool bead.
2) Embellishing Wool Beads.
3) Jewellery design(s) featuring my wool beads.

I hope you'll check back soon to see what progress I've made on these Tutorials!


Jen Judd said...

MMM - Thanks for the nice note! Congratulations to you! I will enjoy perusing your posts, as well. If I didn't have to deal with a "day job" I'd be getting many more projects done! :) Take care!!

judith27k said...

That felt beads are fantastic!
Real candies. I will be impatient for your tutorialS!