Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bodypainting: Queen of Cups

I had my friend Kay, over for a visit yesterday, and she generously agreed to model for me and let me paint her back.
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to paint at first, but I thought it might be neat to so something inspired by the Tarot Deck since she knows how to do readings.
I had her shuffle through the deck and the Queen of Cups came out, along with several Swords cards.
My book had this to say about the Queen of Cups:
"Physical Description: A beautiful woman, with expressive eyes and sensuous lips. Her colouring is generally fair.
Meaning: A warm, sympathetic, and sociable woman. She may be artistically gifted and very imaginative. The Queen is honest, loyal, and devoted to those she loves.
Reversed Meaning: A vain and immoral woman, who is deceitful and perverse. Someone who constantly demands attention."
Here's what it had to say about the suit of Swords in general:
"The suit (of Swords) relates to the element of Air and is associated with mental activity, strife and troubles." ~ from "Tarot" by Jonathan Dee, ISBN 0-75256-315-7
I made the queen's hair more brown to represent Kay and thought of her and her life right now as I painted to "customize" the design to my friend. I hope that life turns around to the better for her soon. With the love and support of friends, it is bound to!

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