Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eye-Bead Tutorial

Well, I not only won 2nd place beginner for my blue protective eye bead in the "Artistry in Glass" summer contest, (yum, more glass supplies! I've ordered them already!) http://artistryinglass.on.ca/newsletter/contestwinners.html but I got the tutorial made up for it today too! I'm glad that my "dotting" and "raking" lampwork skills are progressing nicely.
Now I just have to keep from going bonkers because I didn't get to make any glass beads this week!
Oh well, at least I have some new supplies from AiG to look forward to, and I got the fine silver wire that I ordered in the mail this week too... My next "Hot Glass" posting should be really interesting!
(Okay, back to procrastinating about getting my garb sewing done for my impending medieval camping trip!)

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